Monthly Prize Draw

If you would like to join in our £3 per month, monthly draw please go to our Fbk page to choose a number or ring us; we will continue to try to fill all 100 numbers.

When you take part, or would like additional numbers, you must set up a standing order with ref ‘DRAW’ and what number(s) you have chosen so we can identify your entry.

Your payments must be in our bank no later than 27th of each month for the live draw on our Fbk page at 6pm on the last day of the month.

The winner’s prize is a third of the draw numbers paid.

** BACS: Lucky Hedgehog Rescue 30-98-97 81130760 Lloyds

PLEASE, remember to ref your payment with ‘DRAW’ and your numbers or I cannot identify you, especially if someone has the same name and sent a donation x

(If you have not paid, you cannot take part)

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