About Us

LHR opened in Grimston, East Yorkshire on 1st August 2019, having relocated from Kent, with founder Lucy Felgate-Baumberg.

LHR’s purpose is to be actively rescuing not only native British Hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) that are sick, injured or orphaned and overwinter Autumn juveniles until Spring, but also focuses upon saving disabled Hedgehogs which would otherwise be euthanased.

Following protocall, all healthy Hedgehogs are rehabilitated in the wild, returning them to where they were found, if safe to do so, or as near to as is possible in assessed gardens that offer them safe shelter and feeding.

The disabled Hedgehogs are released into LHR’s enclosed sanctuary garden & members of the public’s assessed private enclosed gardens where they can live normal lives and be observed & given regular health checks, shelter & food; hoglets born to them are rehabilitated back into the wild in assessed safe gardens with shelter and backup feeding, thus increasing the diminishing wild population.

Occasionally LHR require assistance with overwintering those that have recovered their ailments but are too small to release until Spring. LHR always need release gardens for the healthy wild and for disabled.

If you would like to assist LHR with overwintering young recovered Hedgehogs until Spring release, or would like to be a release garden for either healthy or disabled Hedgehogs obviously depending upon the type of garden you have, please email: release@luckyhedgehogrescue.org.uk

LHR are also active with ‘Hedgehog talks’, educating everyone about Hedgehogs and their needs. If you have a group that would like us to attend, please email LHR at lucy@luckyhedgehogrescue.org.uk .

There are no charges for LHR Talks, however, any donations are gratefully received. LHR welcome many types of donations: Money to finance all aspects of day to day care, Brambles Hedgehog foods, non fish Cat/Kitten/Dog/Puppy meat/biscuits, Tombola & raffle prizes, items on their Amazon wishlist, newspapers, puppy training pads for hoglet comfort, Royal Canin paediatric starter food etc.

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