Hedgehog Microchipping

Founder, Lucy, is a trained implanter that has microchipped dogs and cats for over 20 years and will now also be offering the service to all Hedgehog rescues as well as Lucky Hedgehog patients returning to the wild. Each will be registered with Pettrac Database where vets and rescues can find out more about the Hedgehog they have admitted. We can then collectively monitor Hedgehogs, asking vets and rescues to scan them when found dead or alive. This will then assist research of Hedgehogs, what they were treated for/with, male or female, areas they live, distance they travel, how accident prone they are, which areas have higher losses etc. Here at LHR we will keep our own register in addition to the national database.
Please forward this to your local rescues and vets..we need to work together. They can contact me for details at mailto:lucy@luckyhedgehogrescue.org.uk

Microchipping is a great way of identifying animals. Whilst commonly used for dogs and cats, microchips are still used on a variety of different species and hedgehogs are no different.
AVID have been supplying the microchips in the UK for over 25 years now. As well as supplying to vets, rescues and other trained implanters, AVID have also provided microchips to a number organisations for the specific use for hedgehogs.
An AVID MicroChip features a unique number for identifying that animal. This is implanted into the hedgehog and the number can be obtained by scanning the animal with a microchip scanner. The microchip number can also be recorded on the 24/7 UK PETtrac Database, managed by AVID, which is a national microchip database.

PETtrac can be contacted regarding a microchip to identify the registered information……


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