How you can help

If you find a hedgehog in need of help or found in daylight, please pick it up using thornproof gloves, wrap in a towel or fleece and place in a high sided box or a box with a lid and airholes ( great escapers !!)

Heat a hot water bottle or microwave heat pad, wrap it in a towel and put at one end of the box. Place the hedgehog upon it, draping a towel over. Ensure there is room enough for the Hedgehog to get off the heat. Give a saucer of water.  If the hedgehog is injured & bleeding, omit the heat source as this encourages the blood to flow faster. Take to a vet immediately.

Now ring your local rescue, vet, or 01584 890801 for your nearest rescue, for further instructions.

Please help hedgehogs all year around by supplementing their diet leaving them meaty flavoured dog or cat meat or biscuits and a saucer of water.

Do not give milk, mealworms, sunflower seeds or peanuts. 

We may not be your nearest rescue when you find a Hedgehog in need of help, so please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for your nearest rescues for emergencies on 01584 890801.

Please also help by recording your Hedgehog sightings on the Hedgehog Street and Hedgehog map at:

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