Meet the Team

Lucy Felgate-Baumberg


Hello. My name is Lucy Felgate-Baumberg, Founder & Lead of Lucky Hedgehog Rescue. I have been involved with animals all my life, growing up with many pets, worked several animal oriented jobs and been, still am, a self employed Dog Groomer & microchipper, for over half my life. I initially started rescuing disabled hedgehogs after a visit to my local vet in Deal in Kent and from there grew my rescue and my passion for these delightful creatures. I now live in East Yorkshire with several rescue dogs, rescue cat, rescued hens & cockerel, rescued Toulouse Geese and the many Hedgehogs in my rescue here…life is certainly not boring!

My rescue has grown to capacitate 100 poorly hedgehogs; our next level is now expanding to involve different communities in a form of Hedgehog education and healing therapies. Please follow our webpage and FaceBook page as we grow.


Emma Clarke


Hi my name is Emma Clarke and I work in Hull as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for Yorkshire Ambulance Service. I have always loved Hedgehogs my whole life and I feel extremely blessed that I’ve been able to get to know more about them over the last 2 years volunteering for Lucky Hedgehog Rescue. I have three disabled Hedgehogs in my care within escape proofed areas of the garden and still have access and areas for the wild hedgehogs to visit. My position as coordinator is to assist those of you that would like to develop your gardens to home disabled hedgehogs without shutting out the wild visiting hedgehogs.


John Chapman


John Chapman is our fabulous DIY & Groundsman, keeping our gardens & grounds tidy. He heard we needed a gardener /handy man and felt he could do that and help a worthy cause at the same time.  He is a 76 year old retired landscape gardener.  Happily married with 11 grandkids and two border collies. He has a love for everything country side and cacti.

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