Wildlife Project

As part of our commitment to hedgehogs, we are also establishing stage by stage, a 3/4 acre paddock adjoining the rescue, as a wildlife area and hhog release area. Trees were planted earlier in the year of 2022, funded with a grant. We would love to hear from people to assist with the maintenance of the paddock who have hedge cutters, strimmers and digging/planting equipment & energy. The hedges need tidying twice a year and we hope to have native wildflower seeds, bulbs and plants sown amongst the little trees which we hope will be of interest to different communities to take part in. If you are interested in taking part and be part of this project as a volunteer, please give us a call. We would also love to hear from any bee keepers that would like to site a hive here, or anyone that would like to build us some bee, bugs and butterfly houses built according to the preservation societies instructions.

As part of our CIC status, we hope for the paddock to also offer bench seats in the future for (by appointment), those that need a bit of well being countryside personal space. Perhaps some of you might consider putting memorial benches here. Other community projects are planned and your ideas and help would be gratefully received.

If you are splitting pollinator plants/bulbs or have Buddleia ‘offspring’ we would very much appreciate them.    If you would like to donate some items to plant, this site has lots of native planting available. We aim for all plantings to be attractive to pollinators.

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Where it started

Paddock planted with trees

Hedgehog rescue garden

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