Wildscaping Worldwide

It all starts with recognising that NO space (no land or property) belongs absolutely to us humans and that (quite frankly) we need to learn to share a lot better. Every SINGLE inch of space across our planet is criss-crossed and claimed by a multitude of different species (animal & botanical) who all think of that space as ‘mine’ and they are ALL right.
With empathetic boundaries in place, we can all co-exist to mutual benefit.

UK Wildlife Transporters

We are a UK based, non-profit organisation (run by a team of dedicated Volunteer Co-Ordinators) overseeing  a national network of wildlife-loving Volunteer Drivers, who all give up their time (and use their own vehicles) to respond at short notice to help get injured/poorly UK wildlife to UK Rescues/Rehabbers ASAP.

Up to 3 out of every 10 wildlife casualties found in the UK can end up passing away purely because they couldn’t be transported to Rescues/Rehabbers quickly enough/at all…

UKWT is here to change all that….

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